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Roofing Technology of 2018

Roof Rescue has experienced every roofing situation in their 20 plus years of business in the Dallas-Wylie communities of Texas. Roof Rescue is a local business. They take pride in their work, and they keep up on construction and roofing technology.

One area that is important to them is products that are environmentally friendly yet still efficient. Manufacturers are now creating “green” shingles. These shingles have a lower carbon footprint then previous styles. The material has granules that are reflective. They reflect the sun's rays and keep the home cooler. Homeowners will appreciate the lower utility bills that the shingles will play a part in.

Some new colors for shingles are sand dune, which is a beach beige mixed with grays and hues of blue. Other colors are described as merlot, emerald, and copper. Shingles are being made with recycled materials and fiber cement. These coverings are popular because of their durability and low maintenance.

Today solar panels are built for roofs. The panels used to be placed or inserted on the house. They were sometimes obvious or a neighborhood eyesore. The new products are building-applied photovoltaics or BAPV, and they are fixed to surfaces, like roofs and garage doors. They can withstand severe temperature changes. BAPVs are more fashionable and come in different colors and patterns, and the new systems are geared for both residential and commercial use.

Technology is also speeding up the consultation process by helping measure the building faster and accurately. Companies are developing tools that can measure an average home or building in about 15 minutes. Estimates can be performed quicker, and templates can be drawn out with sample shingles or tiles faster.

Drones are another technology tool that roofers are using. Cameras are attached to the drones, and they can take detailed photographs of the roof. They can highlight problem areas. Homeowners, inspectors, and the roofer can get a look at the roof while reducing injuries and risk.

Technology is also helping make the construction process safer. Companies are using GPS technology to track and mark hazardous areas. If a roofer enters the hazardous zone, the safety device sounds an alert.

Cell phones, tablets, and laptops make the business efficient. Roof Rescue takes pride in keeping up with materials and tools, but they still believe in earning your trust and providing superior customer service. The company provide construction on both commercial and residential properties.

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