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At Roof Rescue in Sachse, TX, our customers can count on receiving friendly service from our residential roofing team. No matter whether you need a new roof or roof repair for your home, our technicians use the best materials such as shingles and insulation layers. We also understand that many homeowners have never contacted a roofing contractor, and we try to make the process easier by providing the information required to choose the services needed to fix a rooftop.

Fixing Rooftop Storm Damage 


A basic roof repair for your home is necessary after bad weather conditions, such as a severe rainstorm which leads to moisture leaks. When roof damage occurs to a home during a storm, our Roof Rescue technicians know that an immediate service call is required to fix the problem. If residential roofing materials are not repaired quickly, then additional moisture can enter a structure, causing damage to its drywall and electrical wiring. After providing local repair services for over 30 years, our customers know that we have the equipment and materials needed to fix a roof right away. 

Call Roof Rescue Today

Not only do we provide quality roof repair to private residences, but also, we are able to install new roofs. Our customers may not realize how important an attractive roof is for a home, but the right type of materials and roof design can improve the overall appearance of a structure. Contact Roof Rescue today to learn more about our residential roofing services.

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