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Insurance Experts

When your property's roof gets damaged by mother-nature, such as by a storm, making an insurance claim with your insurance company can sometimes be hectic. Insurance companies will always look for ways to avoid paying you for the damage or take advantage of you and pay you less than is required.


This is why it is important to hire a professional roofing contractor that is not only a repair expert, but also an insurance expert. As a resident of Texas, do not let your insurance company take advantage of you. Let us at Roofing Rescue, LLC use our experience and expertise to ensure that you get the coverage you actually deserve.

Why choose us?

At Roofing Rescue, we have been serving Texas for more than a decade now. Our expertise acquired over the years places us a notch high above all our competitors. Experience has taught us the best tactics to negotiate on behalf of our clients and make sure they get their full roofing repair damage claims.

We are fully insured!

Unlike other companies that get their insurance certificate only to show you and then cancel, our insurance coverage is legitimate and actionable.

We use the same software as insurance companies

To make sure that we are speaking the same language with the Insurance companies, we use the same software that they use in the computation of your insurance claim. Most other companies use Quickbooks and just make an invoice, which in most cases results in errors.

Before you start your insurance claim, contact Roof Rescue, LLC to guide you through the process.

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