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Shingles are designed with a powerful combination of cut, color and coverage to add dramatic aesthetics to your home and provide protection and performance to your roof.


For a variety of shingle colors, please visit our providers:


Gaf - Shingles

CertainTeed - Shingles

TAMKO - Shingles

Owen Corning - Shingles








We use Low Pro (box vent), Ridge vent & hip vent, and Attic vent. We have motors that can be solar or electric, or wind turbines which causes the wind to blow and sucks hot air out.








We use an inch and qrt., galvanized. We don't hand nail, and we use 6 per shingle while most others use 4 nails per shingle.








We only use synthetic felt for all jobs which doesn't absorb water, doesn't rip or tear, and lays flat on the decking.






Ice & Water Shield


In all the valleys of the roof is where the ice and water shield reside. This offers additional protection in valleys which are the most vulnerable area of the roof.






Ridge cap


With a high definition ridge cap most companies will use a 3 tab 25 year shingle but if you have 30 year roof you don't need a lesser product on the roof that won't last the duration. We use a ridge cap that is thicker to last with a 30 year roof, because this is the 2nd most vulnerable spot of roof.


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